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Hans Staub, Study for career decision working classes, around 1950

You may also gain work experience and register for an traineeship with the Herzog Foundation that will last a minimum of 3 months and be free of charge. The focus will be on the following fields of interest and activity:

• introduction to practical issues upon handling photographs;

• archival work;

• studying and “reading” pictures;

• familiarizing yourself with the various analogue techniques of photography (since its invention) and their specific characteristics and features.

• introduction to reprophotography and image processing and picture editing.

In addition, one day each week will be reserved for writing a short paper on a topic of your choice.

Should you be interested in any of the above, we shall be pleased to get your application either by e-mail or letter addressed to:

Fondation Herzog
Ruth Herzog
Leimenstrasse 20
4051 Basel
Tel.: 061 331 11 85
Fax: 061 263 83 51



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